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Investment strategy

1What is the SmartMoney Ventures Investment Process and how long does it last?
  • First of all, it is worth mentioning that everyone's time (investors and entrepreneurs) is valuable and we respect this!
  • We started receiving basic materials
  • Having "fit", we will promote some interactions via call or face-to-face meetings, in which we deepen some information beyond those already sent
  • Basic information such as traction experiments, indicators, Unit Economics, terms of the round and the description of the use of money are essential.
  • We test the products, talk to current company investors, market experts, customers and prospects   The investment may have a previous phase of "traction experiments", where we invested a small venture capital to follow the startup and entrepreneurs' execution.
  • During the investment review, we have already developed a plan to improve any points raised.
  • This process takes between 45 and 90 days.
2What are the areas of investment interest of SmartMoney Ventures?
  • We prioritize, but do not restrict, business to TechEd, FinTech, InsurTech, Tourism, Urban Mobility and B2B Process Optimization
  • We prefer business models with network effect and MarketPlaces
  • Everyone is welcome: B2B, B2C, B2B2C, P2P
3What criteria do we use for decision making?
  • Fit our areas of interest and theses that we know to really help!
  • Problem and Market validated
  • Theses that address regional / global issues
  • Clear offer and positioning in the ecosystem
  • Company status: initial monetization
  • Organization and established metrics (Unit Economics)
  • Realistic fact-based and data projections
  • Team quality (coachable, fast, commitment)
  • Clear scalable model
  • Execution Know-how
  • We do not invest in companies without any billing or at the stage of ideation
4What values does SmartMoney Ventures most value in its investments?
  • Compliance: no one's boss! We all worked for the success of startup!
  • Trust: unrestricted access to all data for monitoring and supporting decision making
  • Critics (market, customers, competitors etc) are fuel to move forward faster! Be quick to listen, quick to analyze and assertive to speak!
  • Ability to learn and act fast!
  • Connection to all involved in the ecosystem where the startup is positionated!
  • Growth: business, market and people
  • Quality: the goal is always to be the best!
  • We live the daily life of companies! We address the points raised during the investment analysis and act strongly on the growth of startup!

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